Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pervasive DI 10 "Shell" function with redirection characters

Although the Pervasive DI 10 documentation states that using the "cmd /c" directive is only necessary when executing a .bat file, it should be noted that when using special characters in a command, one must also use the "cmd /c" directive. Even when calling EXEs.

EZ Script example:


Shell("ipconfig > myIpAddress.txt")


Shell("cmd /c ipconfig > myIpAddress.txt")

Apparently, this is because the Shell function (and the Application step) are subject to unexpected behavior when dealing with redirection characters such as | (pipe), < or >

An example of code that uses 2 of these characters:

Shell("cmd /c fciv.exe data.xml | find "."xml"" > data.xml.md5")

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