Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Pervasive Data Integration Server is a Java server app which by default uses only 64mb of memory. Increasing that value should resolve the 'Java Heap Space' errors that we have been getting from PDI. To implement this setting one must follow these steps:

  1. Locate the PDI installation folder and within that, a folder named "runtime"
  2. Locate a file within the "runtime" folder named "cosmos.ini"
  3. Open the "cosmos.ini" file in a text editor and locate a section named [UserInfo]
  4. Change the default memory allocation by adding a line under the [UserInfo] section as "JvmArgs=-Xmx256m" (or some other valid new memory value
[UPDATE 5/18/12, the original tech provided us the wrong information. The correct information is]:
  1. Locate the PDI installation folder and within that folder is a folder named "etc" which you need to navigate to.
  2. Locate a text file named "com.pervasive.execution.worker.cfg" and open it with a text editor. There you should find the following line: "#engine.java.options="
  3. Remove the hash (#) and add your own -Xmx JVM arg there.
Note: This will affect all your worker processes, so take care because if you have a host with 8GB of RAM and you set your -Xmx setting to 4GB each job you run will use the 4GB.

Implementing this setting may not be effective for your situation. After trying this fix we have found that we are still plagued by JVM memory leaks our main PDI project.

More general info about increasing memory for Java using Xmx parameter can be found online.

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