Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TIP: How to save on web page hosting fees

As many of you know web hosting companies charge a fee for hosting websites. Most small businesses just need an online-brochure for their website. Nothing fancy, just a simple template to put images and text into. Such solutions usually cost about $5 per month. If a simple online-brochure is all you need your website to be then there's really no reason to spend that money. Did you know that can host your site at your own "www" URL and you wont have to pay for the hosting?
All you need to do after purchasing your domain, is:
  1. create a account for your business
  2. go to the settings for your account
  3. click "Add a custom domain", and follow the instructions

Probably the most complicated part for most people, is that you will need to update your DNS settings in your domain so that the web page requests to your "www" site point to your blogger site. Don't worry about adds. You don't have to publish Google AddSense adds on your SMB site. I would imagine that many SMBs that use GoDaddy for hosting, might be looking to have their site hosted elsewhere, after GoDaddy's service outage on Sept 10th.  

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