Monday, April 23, 2012

Ongoing Woes with Pervasive Data Integrator 10

UPDATE: 2012-05-08

Pervasive tracked me down to where I work (they have even been inspecting my LinkedIn profile) and complained to the company I work for expecting them to lean on me to remove my blog. Apparently they don't like that I have been blogging about the technical defects in their product and that I find their support to be sluggish (save for the fact that they have at least 1 great support person I was eventually able to track down, that's been very sympathetic to our Pervasive Data Integrator issues).

Fortunately I am employed by a magnificent company, run by a benevolent and just CEO who believes in and respects freedom of speech (provided it's fair and based on accurate data). Since everything I've blogged about these Pervasive issues is substantiated by emails and documentation I have no reason to remove my blog. The information is accurate as of when the blog was first posted. To be fair, I have also gone back and noted some things they have fixed.

That being said, I did however remove a non-technical post which I used to have on this page. It was simply a non-technical blog about me ranting over my horrendous support experiences with Pervasive. Out of deep respect for my employer, I will keep my posts about Pervasive's Data Integrator on technical matters.



  2. Just another example of bullies trying to curb freedom of speech:

  3. I recently spoke with one of the guys that still works there (the company where I used to work that implemented PDI). They contracted Pervasive to extend the integration plan I created to connect to additional services in the same manner as the one I created. No special bells/whistles/changes. After 40 hours of consultation Pervasive came back stating that they can't figure out how my plans work. They got nothing accomplished and recommended the client buy more consultation time. This is what happens when you ignore the architect. They probably lost over $45K on that venture. They can't say I didn't warn them about what junk Pervasive Data Integrator is and how worthless the support behind it is.

  4. Final update. Months after I am working somewhere else and almost a year after RRFS got into the Pervasive Data Integrator mess I warned them to stay out of, RRFS finally decided they had enough and scrapped the entire PDI implementation.

    If only the executives at RRFS would have listened to me as the Lead Software Developer, instead of getting sucked in by Pervasive sales people who really had nothing worthwhile to deliver in the first place.

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